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  • The Governor’s Office announced a new Small Business Grant Program: Applications are due by January 8, 2021 – so please help get the word out to local businesses!
    San Joaquin County has COVID-19 Grant Programs for Small Business and Family Assistance

As California reopens, every business needs to create a safe environment for its employees and customers. If you own or manage a business, follow the employer playbook to help plan and prepare your business for reopening. Also, follow the industry-specific guidance that applies to your business.

As businesses reopen, employers and employees need to know the risks about spreading COVID-19 in the workplace and the law when it comes to sick leave and other resources and protections. to learn about Employees should stay home when they are sick, do your sick leave policies need to support that? Businesses and Employers - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response (ca.gov)

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Also, during this pandemic, employers and employees need resources and assistance because of the new challenges in finding childcare and the need for workplace flexibility. Here are some resources:

For Employers

For Employees

For Jobseekers

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