Earthquakes are unpredictable events which can lead to significant disruptions in daily life.

While large scale earthquakes (M4.5+) are historically not prevalent in the San Joaquin County area, there can be a chance of damage resulting from earthquakes. Many bay area earthquakes have been felt along the western portions of San Joaquin County.

However, there is a chance that citizens may find themselves traveling outside of San Joaquin County were the risk may be greater. In addition, San Joaquin County may be affected secondary to an earthquake, as a staging location for supplies or additional shelters for those impacted by a large scale earthquake in the bay area.

For these reasons, OES is sharing the following preparedness information to help you to identify available resources and current information in the event of an earthquake with consequences in San Joaquin County.

Here is a model with forecasts of earthquakes and their severities throughout California.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) - UCERF3: A New Earthquake Forecast for California’s Complex Fault System (PDF) PDF. Opens in new Window.

A Map of recent earthquakes and their epicenters can be found at the USGS: Latest Earthquakes Map

Within a few minutes after an earthquake, you can check the USGS Site to verify the earthquake, and see the magnitude.

Being prepared can mitigate the negative consequences created by earthquakes. The Southern California Earthquake Center's (SCEC): Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety will provide helpful and useful tips for earthquake preparedness.

For some basic information about Earthquakes and Faults visit the SCEC Earthquakes Basics Page.