Winter Storms

For local information to report flooding, where to obtain sandbags or warming station locations, please visit the Winter Storm Information page using the button below.

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Disaster Assistance.gov

COVID-19 Information

Test-to-Treat Site Locator

The federal government has launched multiple Test-to-Treat locations where a person can get tested, receive a prescription for an oral antiviral, and have their prescription filled all at one location. These “One Stop Test-to-Treat” sites are available at select locations.

Find a Test-to-Treat location near you.

Take a look at the new Public Health Newsletter - Public Health News June & July

New bivalent COVID-19 boosters are now available for ages 5 and older. COVID-19 Vaccines now available for children 6-months to 4 years old. For more infor see the Vaccine Information page.

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Drought Information

Has your well gone dry?

Resources are available to help San Joaquin Valley residents affected by drought maintain access to drinking water.

• Bottled Water
• Water Tank
• Well Assesment
• Water Quality Testing

Visit www.mywellwentdry.org or
Call Self-Help Enterprises +1 (559) 802-1685.

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Disasters & Emergencies

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San Joaquin County Emergency Alert Notification System

Residents can now sign up by providing their preferred contact information to receive notifications. This system provides you with critical information for emergency situations such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, and evacuations of neighborhoods and buildings.